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關於美國影音使團 About TMEA

Founded in 1989, The Media Evangelism (TME) integrates a full range of creative media services, including film-making, broadcast programs, internet portal, prayers & counseling hotline, publications, merchandises, staging evangelistic music concerts and preaching conferences, locally and abroad.

We believe diversity is a great force toward creativity. Over the past 23 years, we have continued our steady growth and expanded our media ministry to include Christian movie productions, a 7x24 Creation TV channel, a companion website built as discipleship channel targeting the youths, prayers & counseling hotline, Angel’s Heart Magazine, and large-scale evangelical events. Continuing from our initiatives to support the biblical purpose of missions and outreach, we have engaged in a massive project of building the world’s first biblically proportioned Noah’s Ark since 2004, and has become the content provider of Hong Kong Noah’s Ark Expo since its grand opening in May 2009.

We endow each project we undertake with its own character and explicit biblical messages, Noah’s Ark Expo introduces a new form of learning (Unlearn, Relearn, Continuous Learning), aided by motion pictures and attractions utilizing the latest filming technology to place visitors in the heart of the “world of miracles” with its central thesis of “Life Education”, which plays an important role in supporting an overall environment and culture conducive to the sustainable development and prosperity of Hong Kong.

Altogether, more than 10 documentary movies and theatre-feature films were produced and released by TME since 1999, with a number of them scoring box office success in Hong Kong. Some of the films have been nominated to run for local and overseas film awards. Awards won included “Best Documentary Movie” (Days of Noah 2: Apocalypse, 2010), “Best Movie” (Team of Miracle: We Will Rock You, 2009), “Excellent Humanistic Chinese Movie” (The Boss Up There, 1999).

1989 年,影音使團成立。1991 年,影音使團有限公司(「使團」)在香港正式註 冊成為作為基督教慈善機構。有感於多元媒體在當代社會的影響力,使團善用不 同的傳播科技匯集一個多元媒體平台,以創意福音事工貢獻社會,包括福音電 影、電視廣播節目、信仰輔導熱線、互聯網、出版月刊書籍,影音產品,並於本 地及海外舉辦大型佈道聚會與音樂演唱會。

使團致力拓展跨平台媒體,採取現代人能明白的語言、接納的方式、熱門的話題, 結合美學與科技,傳播基督信仰,並肩負以下使命:

  • 以高效優質的影音製作及產品與服務,向大眾傳揚福音;
  • 為世界各地華人培養基督信仰價值,提升對《聖經》的瞭解;
  • 善用創意媒體,使社會上的道德和屬靈素質得以提升;
  • 連繫各方擅長媒體藝術的福音派基督徒,與教內各團體齊心協力,榮耀上帝;
  • 確保財政穩健,達至事奉得力。

使團認為「多元」是開啟無限創意的鑰匙。在過去的 24 年裡,我們穩定地發展 基督教媒體事工,包括電影製作、全天候電視頻道、以建立門徒為本的影音網站、 祈禱及輔導熱線,【天使心】雜誌和大型福音活動。為廣傳天國福音繼往開來, 2004 年我們參與一項大規模的建設項目──世上首個按聖經比例的挪亞方舟── 香港馬灣挪亞方舟多媒體博覽館(2009 5 月開業),並成為其內容供應者。使團 根據不同的製作或發展項目特點,灌注明確而最適切的聖經信息,「方舟多媒體 博覽館」引入了一種新的學習形式(回到起點,重新學習,不斷學習),利用 3D 影效和最新的拍攝技術,讓觀賞者進深探索奇蹟世界,館內各個以生命教育為導向的展區,配合福音內容,把上帝的救贖計劃完完整整展示世人眼前。

1999 年以來,使團製作超過 10 部福音電影及紀錄片電影,當中不乏被提名參 選角逐本地及海外電影獎項。曾獲獎項包括「最佳紀錄片電影」(2010 年:挪亞 方舟驚世啓示 2:),「最佳電影」(流浪漢世界杯,2009 年),「優秀人文中國電 影」(1999 年:生命揸 FIT 人,)。 

Creation TV

Inaugurated in December 2002, running 24-hour a day and is positioned as a family channel advocating “Life Education” based on Biblical Values and Christian Faith. Programs of Creation TV aim at inspiring a cultural change in the secular world, to help people change their mindset in order to live a godly life. The broadcast network is reaching 2 million home mark daily.


2002 12 月在香港有線電視試播,2003 3 月正式 24 小時廣播,並定位為家 庭頻道,每天接觸超過 2 萬香港家庭。創世電視的節目倡導聖經的價值觀,宣揚 和教育關於上帝的事物,豐富人的知識,從而產生智慧,教導人追求身心靈的美 善與富足,在文化變革的世俗社會裡,幫助人們改變心態,過敬虔生活。

Angel’s Heart Magazine

Its inaugural issue was marketed in June 2006, it is a monthly periodical covering up-to-date hot issues facing the society, with feature articles delivering commentary from biblical perspective.


創刊號於 2006 6 月開始在市面發賣,每月一號出版。《天使心》編輯組一直致 力以文字回應社會上的熱點問題,借信仰角度提供專題評論,讓讀者透過屬靈的 視野解讀現世代種種變遷,有助人們建立正確、積極的人生觀。 

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